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About Us

Evins Insurance Agency was founded in 2012 in Jonesboro, Arkansas right in the heart of Red Wolves Country. We are situated in a thriving economic environment with a very growing population.

Our agency specializes in aligning our clients with the right combination of coverage and price for their specific situation, whether it be for personal or business insurance. The staff at Evins Insurance has not only an extensive sales background, but an extensive underwriting background as well, which puts us a notch above our competitors.

Medical Malpractice

Evins Insurance Agency is proud to be the exclusive agency in Northeast Arkansas that is partnering with Arkansas Mutual Insurance. Arkansas Mutual is the only medical malpractice provider that is based out of the state of Arkansas and provides medical practice coverage only to physicians practicing in our great state. With this working partnership physicians have access to the finest loss control, legal counsel, underwriting staff, and competitive premiums of any neighboring state.
For more information on this premier program feel free to give us a call.


Staffing, food preparation, food ordering, advertising, opening procedures, closing procedures……with all these things running through your mind to worry about, Who can worry about insurance? That’s where I step in.

By doing a very simple kitchen walkthrough I can help eliminate potential fire hazards in less than 10 minutes of your time.

Additionally, by running through a few key procedures for walk in cooler storage you can help prevent loss of food due to spoilage.

Unfortunately, a huge issue facing many restaurant owners is litigation. By assisting you with the purchase of the right employment practices liability coverage, I can make sure the only people paying any fees are the insurance company.

Restaurant Enhancements

Risk Control Services to assist in:
Kitchen Fire Protection
Food Spoilage Prevention
Assist in Payroll Forecasting for work comp audits
Assist in Sales Forecasting for general liability audits.
Assist in tailoring an employment handbook to protect you:
Wrongful Termination
Sexual Harassment
Age Discrimination
Wage Pay Discrimination


    Many agents will wait until renew time to see if your payroll needs to be adjusted, which can tie up a lot of your hard earned money or can cost you a large lump sum. Not this Agent! I will contact you once a quarter. During this time I can discover how your business is performing and whether or not we need to adjust for a tough financial season or a profitable one.
    In the same manner that an accountant changes calculators, I understand that your business often requires the buying and selling of new automobiles & equipment. In an effort to complete a large project, you might forget to call your agent and make an insurance endorsement. By conducting a quarterly auto/equipment audit, I can help alleviate this potential problem.
    If there’s one thing contractor’s hate dealing with it’s having the burden of sending out multiple certificate of insurance every year at renewal time (often to the same people). With my advanced spreadsheet documentation, I make it simple to shift this burden 100% to my shoulders. All we have to do is fill out the company name and phone number and I will take care of all arrangements prior to your renewal date. While you are out there making money, the last thing you need is to be burdened with paperwork!
    Contractor Enhancements:
    1- Audit Controls:
    A- Quarterly Payroll Check ins to eliminate work comp & liability audit headaches;
    B- Quarterly Check ins for new equipment and automobile purchases;
    2- Assist in developing working relationships with other general contractors and sub contractors for a network of construction compatibility.
    3- Bonding Services;
    A- Assist in securing bid bonds and performance bonds;
    B- Bidding education that can effect future bonding capability and preparation.

    Rental Properties

    Having a real estate investment portfolio can certainly be a very profitable asset to have in your back pocket. However, a very crucial element to making it profitable is positive cash flow.
    With my network of local real estate contacts, I can help the you find the right purchase price for you. But I go a step further than simply getting you a price to satisfy your bank loan.
    I understand that these deals often come together quickly. With my rapid online rating systems I can get you the right coverage to protect your assets. I have often bound coverage while you are in the car driving to your closing!
    Additionally, I provide thorough analysis on these very hot topics:
    A- How much liability coverage do I need?
    B- What happens when I bundle all rental properties on one policy?
    C- Should I allow tenants to have pets?

    Home & Auto

    Everyone has seen the commercials on TV with a cute slogan, celebrity endorsement, or just a flat out funny one liner…but what happens when the TV gets turned off and you have a personal insurance claim? Evins Insurance doesn’t just provide you with a competitive price, we make sure you understand the importance of what you’re buying. How much liability coverage do I need? Do I really need full coverage on my vehicle? What happens now that I’ve been in an accident? Give us a call to find out the answers to these questions.

    You found the real estate agent to guide you to the bank, you found the right banker to lead you to the money, and now you have need to find the right insurance agency to guide you to protection. For most people, a home purchase will be the single most expensive purchase in their lifetime. You need an agency to step in and explain the many traps of a homeowners policy that if overlooked can lead to major problems down the road. From jewelry to guns, earthquakes to hail storms, there many variables to consider. Make sure you are educated.

    Life Insurance

    I often ask people, we’ve got your building covered, your automobile covered, and we’ve even got you covered for liability insurance However, we haven’t addressed insuring your money making machine. This is YOU!

    What happens to your loved ones financially, if something was to happen to you unexpectedly? What about your business partners, whom depend your financial stability? Such overwhelming and sensitive questions to ask, but it doesn’t have to be. With my lost income and debt replacement analysis tools, I can help simplify this often overwhelming process.