As we transition into the Fall Season, we also transition into one of the biggest seasons in America: Football Season. Football is very unique due to the fact that is has the shortest season, however it is arguably the most popular sport. Whether it is tailgating outside a stadium with friends and family or wearing your “lucky” t-shirt while watching your team from home, this sport is definitely not short on traditions.

While gearing up for opening weekend for high school & college football this weekend, here are a few helpful hints on having a good time, but being safe at the same time:

  1. If you are going to consume alcohol at the game or at a friend’s house, please have a designated driver. This is the single most preventable accident out there, if everyone would simply do a little “pre game” planning.
  2. Don’t burn down your house! Whether it’s ribs, burgers, or hot dogs on the grill, please make sure to keep your grill safely burning a minimum of 50 feet away from the siding of your house.
  3. Bring extra chairs. Anytime there is an event around football, there are always unexpected guests that arrive. To help everyone get the most out of game day, throw a couple of extra lawn chairs in the back of your vehicle.
  4. Own the Atmosphere! Recognize the fact that many people have come to your house simply to enjoy the atmosphere. Make sure to have some side events going on for your non football enthusiasts. Easy solutions here are setting up a card table, game of baggo outside, and a dvd player setup in another room ( for the kids).

Here’s to a Safe & Fun Season!!!